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ARTISTIC INLAY®  Carpet Mat  (CM-1699)

Allow our artisans to create your design in contrasting color carpet by accurately cutting the pattern and inlaying the design into the background. Also consider buying a second mat of the same size, using the opposite colors and save on the cost of the second mat. Letters or logos, the possibilities are endless. We offer the Artistic inlay® using STUTZ, HERCULES, JAGUAR, LaSALLE, DeSOTO and other carpet matting. The example shown is using contrasting colors of the Stutz.


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GRAPHIC TUFT®  Custom Logo Mat  (CM-1698)
Made with 100% solution-dyed nylon for years of color-fast wear and the skid resistant nitrile rubber backing. Create full size designs and logos with high definition clarity in mats up to 12' x 6'. Choose up to six colors per design from a palette of 32 colors. Tests show mats will capture up to 70% of the dirt before it enters the building.

Standard Sizes:
2'x3',  3'x4',  3'x5',  3'x10',  4'x6',  4'x8',  5'x8',  5'x10',  6'x10',  6'X12'. Many more sizes are available. Call for details.

Colors: (245)Gold, (247)Grass, (251)Deeper Navy, (252)Bay Blue, (253)Dark Green, (255)Bright Gold, (256)Bright Green, (257)Orange, (258)Purple, (259)Silver, (263)Brown, (266)Black, (268)Slate Gray, (269)Gray Metal, (271)Turquoise, (272)Light Blue, (273)Wine, (274)Clear Red, (277)Pink Ibis, (279)Olive Green, (281)Moss Agate, (284)Adobe, (286)Golden Tan, (288)Antique White.


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JET PRINT II®  Custom Logo Mat  (CM-1647)
The computer controlled technology of jet printing makes it possible to print most designs imaginable. Jet-Print dyes are injected deeply into the mat pile, and then steam set to produce long-lasting quality.

Standard Sizes:
2'x3',  3'x4',  3'x5',  3'x10',  4'x6',  4'x8',  4'x10',  5'x6',  5'x8',  5'x10',  6'x8',  6'x10'
Colors: (01)Red, (02)Orange, (03)Green, (04)Navy, (05)Tan, (06)Royal Blue, (07)Black, (08)Champagne, (10)Yellow, (12)China Blue, (13)Brick, (16)Confederate Gray, (17)Moss Green, (18)Turquoise, (19)Gray, (21)Amethyst, (22)Rosewood, (23)Chocolate, (24)Burgundy, (26)Spring Green, (28)Olive, (29)Lavender, (30)Mink, (31)Gold, (81)Midnight Purple, (108)White Shadow, (163)Charcoal.


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Laser Design® carpet mats help to build an elegant image to any company. They are tufted by computerized processing of static dissipating nylon yarn and dyed using Perma-Dye® plus StainStoper® technology. This assures you of many more years of trouble free performance. Laser Design mats by AFCO have Nitrile rubber backing for non-skid stability. Choose from 24 brilliant colors to create your own special design. Up to 6 colors can be used in any mat design.

Standard Sizes:
2'x3',  3'x4',  3'x5',  3'x10',  4'x6',  4'x8',  5'x8',  5'x10',  6'x10',  6'x12'
Colors: (251)Deeper Navy, (252)Bay Blue, (253)Dark Green, (255)Bright Gold, (256)Bright Green, (257)Orange, (258)Purple, (259)Silver, (263)Brown, (266)Black, (271)Turquoise, (272)Light Blue, (273)Wine, (274)Clear Red, (277)Pink Ibis, (279)Olive Green, (281)Moss Agate, (286)Golden Tan, (288)Antique White, Shadow Mist/Black.


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RUBBER SIGN®  Logo Mat  (CM-1648)
Heavy duty scraper mat made of 100% solid nitrile rubber, so mats can be used in areas exposed to most grease and petroleum products. The unique graphic onlay process combines your choice of six cheerful colors and draws attention to your message. All mats meet the guidelines of the ADA. Slim-line profile.

Standard Sizes: 2'-6"x3',  3'x5',  3'x10', 4' x 6'
Background Color: Black.
Logo Colors: Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow.
Backing Choices: flat, gripper, or suction.


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Put your company logo or any message on the industry's finest indoor/outdoor mat. The logo or message is specially cut out of different carpet colors. These carpet sections are then pieced together and bonded to a rubber backing to create a beautiful, long-lasting and practical image mat for any workplace.

Standard Sizes:
2'x3',  3'x4',  3'x5',  3'x10',  3'x12',  4'x6',  4'x8',  4'x10',  4'x12',  6'x8',  6'x12',  6'x16'. Other sizes available, call for details.
Colors: Aqua Marine, Bluestone, Bordeaux, Charcoal, Dark Brown, Evergreen, Gold, Light Green, Medium Blue, Medium Brown, Medium Gray, Navy, Orange, Purple, Red/Black, Solid Red, White, Yellow.
Underline Colors can be used as a base color in 3' or 4' widths only.


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