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AQUEDUCT II®  Grating System  (UX-290)
Aqueduct® Gratings allow for deep wells for collecting excessive amounts of dirt and moisture, while permitting the top surface to look neat and stylish. Choose from four styles of ribs:
(A) Corrugated Aluminum
(B) Bristle Olefin
(C) Carpet
(D) Vinyl
Aluminum recess frame is available in Mill or Bronze Finish.

Provide Aqueduct® Gratings by American Floor Products made of extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T6 rails with insert strips as selected by architect as listed below:
(A) Corrugated Aluminum: Natural.
(B) Bristle Strips: (see Stratoflex® III below)
(C) Carpet Strips: (see Stratoflex® III below)
(D) Vinyl strips: Black or Brown.

Weight: 4 lbs./sq. ft.
Depth: 1-1/2"
Sizes: Made to order (over 32 sq. ft. in units)



Cross Section
Recess Frame MF-170

Recess Frame MF-170

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CLIPPER®  Vinyl Link Mat  (AL-109)
The Clipper® is a glamorous "heel-proof" link mat. Designed with wiper blades on each side of the link, it provides good shoe cleaning as it allows dirt and moisture to sift through the mat, out of sight until cleaned. Clipper® is made in solid colors, with or without lettering/numbers, or in elaborate, skillfully crafted designs and logos.

Medium traffic entrances to all types of public buildings. Avoid placing in areas where heavy carts will be rolled over the mat.

Mat construction shall be of resilient top quality virgin vinyl links. 7/16" x 1/2" wide, 2" long. Ten wiping blades on each side of links. Space openings between links not to exceed 1/16" x 1/2 " unless using EAGLE pattern which has 1/2" x 3/4" openings. Mat framework shall be 13 gauge double galvanized spring steel wire. Maximum width is 8 feet, although mats should be made in units easy to handle while being cleaned. Nosing shall be 2" wide around the perimeter of the mat. Approach nosings shall be spring steel reinforced and completely encased in vinyl. Recessed mats must have stub nosing either supplied in matching link colors or contrasting colors. Beveled nosing for surface.

Weight: approx. 2.3 lbs./sq. ft.

Clipper Logo

Select Colors

Colors: (1)Ebony, (2)Brownstone, (4)Buckskin Tan, (5)Crimson, (6)Light Blue, (7)Meadow Green, (8)Rust, (9)Maroon, (10)Polar White, (12)Buttercup, (14)Midnight Blue, (210)Silver.


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HERITAGE®  Grate  (UX-285)
Roll up mats are an attractive and effective alternative to walk-off mats commonly found in commercial entrances. These treads are the best choices for heavy traffic entrances, keeping dirt and moisture from being tracked into buildings. The roll up mats are available with standard carpet, cord carpet, bristle and vinyl inserts.

Corrugations shall run parallel to the door. Special fabrication (large layouts, cutouts, revolving doors) quoted upon request.
Thickness: approx. 3/4"

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HI-RIB®  Rubber Interlocking Tile  (HR-1450)
An excellent shoe cleaning mat for all types of public buildings, where efficiency and economy are top priority.

The rubber flexing action of the Hi-Rib® cleans shoe soles as it traps dirt in the deep grooves for foot traffic. Traction is excellent when wet or dry, hot or cold and inside or out.

Tiles are to be of highly resilient, top quality, first run rubber compound. Corrugations shall be approximately 1/4" deep and spaced approximately 9/16" on the top side and approximately 1/8" deep on the back side. Overall thickness is 1/2".

Material: SBR Rubber.
Interlock Tiles:
12" x 12"
2 lbs./tile
Color: Black.

Shore A:
Durometer 77
Scott Tester: Tensile 700 psi.
Scott Tester: Elongation 300% Webber Cold Box, Flexible at -40 °F
Jolly Balance: Specific Gravity 1.4
Meets Specs: MIL-R-3065B RS710-BFL ASTM R712-BFL

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LEGACY®  Grate (UX-284)
Legacy® grates are recycled, reversible and sustainable. Double-sided buffed-rubber from recycled nylon-reinforced truck and airplane tires will outlast any other tread insert. Sturdy aluminum divider bars are also recycled. The treads absorb moisture and remove dirt.

Thickness: 15/32" (12 mm) and 11/16" (18 mm). Available with open construction or with double treads.

Construction: Tread strips alternating with aluminum divider bars assembled with 0.0155" diameter galvanized steel wire, 1-1/2" o.c.


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STRATOFLEX III®  Foot Grid System  (UX-280)
Stratoflex® is an effective long-wearing foot grid matting for heavily traveled entrances and vestibules. AFCO's Stratoflex® can be easily rolled up to clean the floor surface where dirt particles fall through the drain holds. Keeps other areas dry and dirt free.

Corrugations shall run parallel to the door. Special fabrication (large layouts, cutouts, revolving doors) quoted upon request.
Thickness: approx. 3/8"
Weight: 3 lbs./sq. ft.

Base Grid: 6063-T6 Aluminum Alloy (Duranodic Aluminum, Plain Aluminum, Bronze Anodized Aluminum)


Select Colors

Cross Section

Strotoflex III

Request current colors.
(B) ABRASIVE TAPE: Black, Blue, Brick-Red, Dark Brown, Gray.
(C) BRISTLE CARPET STRIPS: Request current colors.
(D) VINYL STRIPS: Beige, Black, Blue, Dark Brown, Gray, Red.

Request current colors.

Call sales for shop drawings.

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UNIFLEX®  Roll-up Mat  (UX-275)
All vinyl mat developed for moderate traffic conditions interior environments. Continuous co-extruded vinyl cushion for a comfortable feel, treads inserts available in 42 combinations of colors and functional materials. 180° rollback for easy cleanability, can be surface mounted on recessed in aluminum frame.

2 lbs./sq. ft. depending upon insert.
Vinyl tread rail color: Black.

Optional attached vinyl nosings:
- Square, for professional on-site trimming in recessed applications.
- Beveled, for easy of transition in surface applications.
Hinge available in both solid (standard) or perforated.



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ZEPHER®  Aluminum Grate, Solid Bronze also available  (UX-295)
Zepher® Gratings are engineered for safety and performance. The aluminum corrugations are durable and provide good traction. The molded polymer spacers assure a standard 3/16" space for sand, dirt and water to fall through. The spacers eliminate traditional clatter which many other grating systems have.

Malls, Commercial Buildings, Ski Resorts, Public Utilities, etc.

Our Zepher® Gratings are made of extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T6 rails following ASTM-B-221-83 and Federal Specifications QQ-AA-200-9C guidelines. Rails shall be 0.80" wide with molded silencing space feet. Recess using Style MF-175 matching frame.
Weight: 2.6 lbs./sq. ft.
Overall Depth: 13/16"
Zepher Aluminum Zepher Bronze

Recessed Aluminum Grating Frame




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