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ARMOR-FLEX®  1/4" Not Heel Proof  (AF-1500)
FOOT-LOVER®  3/8" Not Heel Proof  (AF-1505)
SUPER SPONGE®  5/8" Not Heel Proof  (AF-1507)

You have the choice as to how much comfort you desire. ARMOR-FLEX® gives you economy and standard anti-fatigue. Our most popular FOOT-LOVER® reduces leg and back fatigue by 50%. The newer SUPER SPONGE® is almost over-kill. However, if you must stand for long periods of time, this is the one to select. All three can be used for stationary standing. The Foot-Lover and Armor-Flex are also excellent for hall-way runners to reduce noise.

24",  36",  48",  72"
Lengths: up to 60 ft. (Super Sponge® up to 30 ft.)
Weights: Approx. 1 lb./sq. ft.
Colors: Black, Brown, Gray.


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AIRSTRIP®  Interlock  (FE-1031)
A standing, walking or working runner made of rubber. It can be used any place: laboratories, cashier stands, libraries, hotels, ticket offices, banks, post offices, print shops, dry cleaners, etc...interlocking for runners. Waffle-backed. Two styles: Regular and Grease-proof. All outside edges are safety beveled.

Weight: Approx. 10.5 lbs.
Width: 28"
Length: 36"
Color: Black.
Units: Comes in ends and centers to make runners or single units.
Caution: Avoid use where women's narrow heels are worn.


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CLOUD-9®  (FE-1520)
This attractive vinyl comfort runner is ideal for use where people must stand to work at supply counters, banks, stores, etc. The non-directional surface pattern makes cleaning easier and has a non-slip quality. The long edges are tapered for safety. The cut edges can be beveled by hand. Cloud-9® resists many oils, greases, solvents and detergents.

Weight: 0.85 lb./sq. ft.
Widths: 24",  36",  48",  72"
Lengths: up to 60 ft.
Colors: Brown, Charcoal, Light Gray.
Caution: Avoid use where women's narrow heels are worn.

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DIAMOND®  (FE-1026)
Diamond® is an excellent industrial safety comfort matting, made with deck-plate design top surface with a closed cell sponge base. All edges are beveled for safety. Optional "alert" borders are available. Diamond® is resistant to most beverages, normal oils, and common industrial chemicals. The top surface is stain-resistant, flame-retardant and self-extinguishing. Avoid use where women's narrow heels are worn.

overall 9/16"
Sponge Base: 3/8" (9.5 mm)
Weight: 1.5 lbs./sq. ft.
Runners: 24", 36" or 48" widths, up to 75 ft. long
Sizes: 2'x3',  3'x5',  3'x12',  4'x6'
Colors: Black or Gray.
Optional Border: Yellow.

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FOOT-EEZ®  (FE-1000)
Fatigue-fighting Foot-Eez® mats give relief to tired legs, sore feet, and boosts worker morale. The smooth rubber top with beveled edges, makes maintenance very simple, also is a welcome insulator against cold floors.

Sponge Base: 3/8" (9.5 mm)
Smooth Rubber Surface: 3/32"
Weight: Approx. 1.8 lbs./sq. ft.
Widths: up to 36", colors (04)Black/White and (653)Green are available up to 50"
Length: 30 ft. maximum.
Sizes: 18"x30",  18"x48",  24"x36",  36"x64"
Solid Colors: (901) Black, (925) Light Gray.
Marbleized Colors: (04)Black/White, (55)Dark Gray,  (70)Biscayne Blue,  (430)Charcoal, (537)Forest Green, (653)Light Green, (711)Gray, (728)White/Beige.
Federal Spec: ZZ-M-42
Wipe clean and polish with rubber wax.
Avoid use under women's narrow heels, moisture, grease or oil.


Solid Colors
Solid Colors

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In some areas you need a non-slip matting that can accommodate wheeled vehicles. The Hi-Performance® mat is ideal because it has a patented Tri-Grip® backing to help hold the matting on hard floors or low-pile carpet. The top surface of the mat is covered with hundreds of circles which have tiny rubber fingers to enhance the foot gripping quality. There is an attractive border that encompasses the field of circles.

100% Nitrile Rubber.
Thickness: 3/16"
Weight: Approx. 1.6 lbs./sq. ft.
Sizes: 3'x5',  3'x10',  4'x6',  4'x10'
Color: Black. Also available with Green, Orange, Red or Yellow. OSHA stripped borders.

Cross Section


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Especially created to give comfort to doctors, dentists, hygienists, barbers and beauticians who stand at their work. These custom made mats fit around the chairs with beveled edges for safety.

Description        Size           Weight
Cut-Out           36" x 60"        17 lbs.
Rectangular      36" x 60"        20 lbs.
Recess             36" x 54"         17 lbs.
Recess             36" x 72"        19 lbs.
Recess             36" x 64"        27 lbs.
Recess             36" x 72"        31 lbs.

Solid Colors: Black, Light Gray.
Also all Marbleized Colors, see FOOT-EEZ® above.

Depression for Chairs: 22" semi-circle, will also fit square base chairs.

Runners 1/4" x 36" x 5 ft. or longer in even feet Style

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TRON-EZE®  (SZ-4500)
The comfort matting with built-in "STATIC DISSIPATOR". Made of specially formulated expanded vinyl with top surfaces embossed with a non-directional easy to clean pattern. Excellent at computerized cash registers.

3/8" (9.5 mm)
Weight: Approx. 0.75 lb./sq. ft.
Width: 36",  48"
Lengths: up to 60 ft.
Colors: Dark Chocolate, Gray.
Edges: Long sides manufactured with bevel, cut edges can be beveled by hand.


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