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1. Determine the height of finished corner guard.
2. Measure and cut aluminum retainer and vinyl cover, reduce overall height by 5/16" for each end cap (top or bottom) required.
3. Drill aluminum retainer and install on corner with sheet metal screws.
4. Measure, cut and snap-on vinyl guard.

CAUTION: Do not glue on.

Aluminum retainers and vinyl guards may be ordered pre-cut.
2. If only top caps are used, then the corner guard must rest directly on the floor (not at top of cove base) to prevent vinyl from sliding "down" after impact. Two caps should always be used when installed over carpet floors.

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Mounting Brackets
Mount brackets using appropriate fasteners for wall materials, (fasteners by others). Follow recommended spacing from chart plus place a bracket within 6-12" of the end of each run, and on either side of any splice.
Aluminum Rail
Measure and cut aluminum rail, making appropriate allowance for returns, inside/outside corners to aluminum rail with (SMS) fasteners (by others).
Returns and Inside Corners
Mark, drill and fasten aluminum rail, with returns and inside corners, to brackets using fasteners by others. (1/4" flathead bolt with locknut recommended).

CAUTION: Be sure aluminum rail is cut square to assure a neat joint when vinyl bumper strip is assembled and butted to returns and corners. Insert splices (if needed) on runs over 12 feet. Attach returns and corners before assembling rail to brackets.

NOTE FOR WG-2177: Insert toggle bolt through aluminum rail and through bracket then re-attach toggle and insert through wall.
Rigid PVC (Vinyl) has a class 1 Fire and Smoke Rating. Copies of tests are available upon request. Rigid PVC will not support bacterial growth and has superior impact resistance.

Rail Style Allowance for Return Allowance for Outside Corner Allowance for Inside Corner Recommended Bracket Spacing Recommended Bracket Height
WG-2172 3-3/4" --- 4-1/2" 32" (on studs) 31" - 33" *
WG-2177 3" --- 5" 32" (on studs) 31" - 33" *
WG-2193 3-3/4" --- 5-3/8" 32" (on studs) 31" - 33" *

*33" preferred from University of Michigan Ergonomic Study

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1. Measure, cut and install Aluminum Retainer, allow for end caps and outside corners.
2. Install end caps by drilling through insert tab and aluminum retainer and fasten with a sheet metal screw.
3. Install outside corners in same manner as end caps.
4. Square, measure and (or) cut vinyl covers to fit and snap in place.

CAUTION: Mount outside corners to aluminum retainer on one side and then cut, abut and fasten the aluminum retainer on the second side.

For more information about installation instructions on Wall Guards chick here.


Rail Style Allowance for
End Caps
(Finished assembly)
Allowance for Outside Corner (Finished assembly) For each accessory reduce Aluminum dimension by: For each accessory reduce Vinyl Guard dimension by:
End Cap Outside Corner End Cap Outside Corner
WG-2169 1-1/16" 5/16" 1-5/8" 1/2" 1-7/16" 5/16"
WG-2170 1-5/8" --- 1-5/8" --- 1-5/8" ---
WG-2171 2-3/8" --- 2-3/8" --- 2-3/8" ---
WG-2180 1-13/16" --- 1-13/16" --- 1-13/16" ---
WG-2180 1" 7/16" 1" 7/16" 1" 1/4"

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