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American Floor Products is one of the pioneers in the development and manufacture of rubber runners, carpet mats and safety tape. Through five decades of experience and exhaustive laboratory tests we have refined the matting business to a professional level. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you to make a selection of the proper product for a particular need. Through our vast network of representatives, we can easily serve every community. Call us for one near you.
Colors: Due to printing limitations, colors shown are approximate. All product dimensions are subject to manufacturing tolerances.

All products listed in this catalog are intended for commercial heavy-duty use, unless otherwise noted. Some products are suitable for exterior use and others should be used indoors or sheltered from the weather. When used in frigid climates, rubber products tend to have more elasticity. Detrimental effects of salt and other chemicals used to melt snow could affect the life expectancy of the mat.

Is an essential requirement for beautifying entrances, absorbing moisture and trapping dirt. Building maintenance can be greatly reduced provided the product has not been abused or improper maintenance procedures with sufficient coverage inside doorways.
Select carefully the type which will do the best shoe cleaning job while making the entrance attractive and inviting. Nothing cleans like a fiber. The more durable type of fibers are in the nylon and olefin families. Coarse textures also enhance the work that your carpet mats will do for you. Fine-tune your selection with decorator colors and patterns. Remember that "ANY MATTING" placed on top of carpet is going to creep or move. Let our Sales Consultants help you minimize this problem.

All of these carpet mats have passed the required U.S. Department of Commerce standard tests DOC-FF-1-70 and DOC-FF-2-70. No greater flammability test is usually required except for full room coverage.

We offer pro-rata one-year warranty against defects in the wear surface. Seaming and edging are excluded from this warranty.

A dirty mat defeats its purpose. It is very important to vacuum, sweep and occasionally shampoo your carpet mats weekly or more often in order to avoid dirt "build-up". Carpet mats should be in use 24-hours a day-never stored.

Overall width dimensions include 1" vinyl extension of the backing. Due to manufacturing tolerances these widths may vary 1"- 3". Roll lengths are also approximate. Color shades are not guaranteed to match due to dye-lot variances.

(a) Submit sizes with diagram sketch of each size showing direction of traffic over the mat.
(b) If pattern is required, specify colors and pattern layout color combinations.
(c) If more than one mat is required in a layout, submit a sketch showing positions of mats relative to each other. For ease of handling and best mat construction, single mat widths of 6 to 8 feet or less are recommended.
(d) State whether mats are to be recessed or surface applied.
(e) If letters or numbers are desired, submit a sketch showing their position in the mat.
(f) For odd shaped or out-of-square areas use heavy craft paper for templates. Place template paper over area, tape down or weight so it won't move knife-cut the pattern. Mark the template "top", indicate the traffic flow. Also indicate the thickness if recessed. (Always take diagonal dimensions on any recessed area to insure that the mat areas are square).

In new construction, a mat frame will insure that a recess for the mat will be accurate in size, shape and depth.

Entrance mats trap dirt and moisture at the building entrances, which will reduce maintenance. A handsome mat is a pleasant invitation, it will enhance the decor and can also advertise the name of the company (logos). Mats should be of sufficient size to permit a minimum of 4-6 normal steps over them. In vestibules, mats should be installed from threshold, recessed flush with other floor areas. Surface mounted mats should have a minimum of 1/2" door clearance.

Rubber tiles are extremely durable and non-skid. The color goes completely through the material, which makes life expectancy many times that of some other types of flooring.

For covering large areas, indoors or out.

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AFCO Recess Mat Frames provide a positive shelf for a level mat bed and an outside edge step to guide complementary floor tile or terrazzo. A frame is pre-fitted to your entrance mat at the factory, thus obtaining an accurately dimensioned frame. The recess frame is economical and easily installed.

AFCO patented mat frame shall be extruded aluminum alloy #6063-T6. Frames can be supplied pre-cut with mitered corners; shipped unassembled, with all necessary anchor and corner pins.
Length: Aluminum up to 16'-6". Bronze up to 12'-4".

INSTALLATION: AFCO Mat Frames shall be assembled at the job site and installed so that upper edge will be level with the finished floor surface. A cement base below floor surface shall be screeded inside the mat recess frame area, using the edge provided by the frame as a guide. The frame shall be anchored into the cement with anchor pins-a minimum of 18" on centers. Corner pins shall be installed at all corners of the frame. ONE FRAME STYLE PER LAYOUT.

For more information about installation instructions and shop drawings, please call sales.

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