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American Floor Products Co., Inc. has been involved in the manufacture of universal guard systems. Through six decades of experience and exhaustive laboratory tests we have refined the guard systems business to a professional level. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you to make a selection of the proper product for a particular need. Through our vast network of representatives, we can easily serve every community. Call us for more information.

All products listed in this catalog are intended for commercial use, unless otherwise noted. Some products are suitable for exterior use and others should be used indoors or sheltered from the weather. When used in frigid climates, rubber products tend to have more elasticity. Detrimental effects of salt and other chemicals used to melt snow could affect the life expectancy.

Our American Indian collection of Wall Guards and our American Space Age collection of Corner Guards are superior and provide these benefits:
a.  Reduction in costly wall repairs.
b.  Maintenance - easy to clean.
c.  Fire rated - meets or exceeds fire and flame spread codes.
d.  Simple installation.
e.  Long life - power/impact design.
f.  Custom colors available (additional cost).
g.  Full warranty - protection from material and manufacturing defects.
h.  Complies with: OSHA, ANSI Life Safety, NFPA, BOCA, UBC, BOMA, ICBO, SBCCI and all Codes requirements.
i.  American Disability Act (ADA) Accessibility Guidelines in this catalog are obtained from appropriate sections of ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities, as they apply to architectural interior products.

1.  Custom cut length will be priced to include waste using standard stock lengths.
2.  Custom colors in rigid PVC are available in minimum runs of 500 ft. plus color match and set up fees.
3.  Color shades may vary due to manufacturing imitations. Every attempt is made to keep individual shipments as close as possible to the same shade.
4.  All weights shown are approximate only. Interior Handrails, Wall Guards, Corner Guards and Specialty Wall and Door Protectors comply with Class A fire rating and are Underwriters Laboratories Corporation (ULC) approved.

Universal Guard System Colors









(29)Blue Ice


(148)Desert Sand

(156)Hunter Green




(210)Silver Gray


(263)Pale Yellow

(265)Windsor Blue




(289)Pearl Gray

(293)Sea Foam



(301)Linen White

(304)Victorian Rose




(366)Soft Peach

(369)Blue Fog


(371)Sage Green

(373)English Rose

(376)Pale Jade


(379)Mojave Sand



(382)Stormy Blue

(385)Beige Desert


(483)Harvard Gray


(490)Blue Bird

(494)Lavender Heather


(520)Brittany Blue

(541)White Sand

(554)Mission White



(583)Alexis Blue


(676)Dover White

(682)Khaki Brown

(694)Cafe Au Lait


Many additional colors are available-Inquire. Due to the limitations of the printing process.
The colors shown may vary slightly. When selecting, request color samples.

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